• Select the CDSN Google-Map and click the large thumbnail of the map image. This will bring you to an interactive web map where you can select your criteria.
  • By selecting San Juan/Dolores Basin, the map extent will zoom into the San Juan Mountain range. From there you can adjust the imagery to show the Farmington region directly southwards.
  • Now you can select CDSN Organizations to view water quality data from. From their provided list, the following organizations have collected data on the Animas watershed:
    • ARSG
    • COLO319
    • MSI
    • SJWG
    • 21COL001
  • After checking the boxes beside your desired organizations, select Apply Criteria to Map.

  • You will see points appear on the map at each monitoring location. Zoom in until the points become rain drop icons, then you can click on a drop to view the data collected at that site. 
  • You will see a spread sheet full of data. Most of the more important data is towards the last few columns on the right, where it shows the water quality characteristic that was measured, the values and units that were recorded, along with sampling dates.

  • Returning to the legend on the left of the screen, select the second tab, titled “Filters” which allows you to select a particular parameter you would like to search the data for. You can select multiple parameters at once by holding down the shift or control key. Often times, one parameter will have multiple titles/units, depending on how it was measured by each organization. Simply select all that apply.

  • You can also filter to display measured values that are above or below a selected water quality benchmark. Type in the value of interest, and again, select Apply Criteria to Map. You will see that values in exceedance of your specified criteria will appear in red.