We are fortunate to have dedicated community members on our board of supervisors, who volunteer their time to ensure conservation is a priority in our District.

Board of Supervisors:

John Arrington – Chair
Casey Spradley – Vice Chair
Ralph Fenton – Treasurer
DeAnne McKee – Supervisor
Leo Pacheco – Supervisor
Vern Andrews – Supervisor
Carol Cloer - Supervisor

Recently Retired Supervisors:

Norman Rudd
Frank Blackmer
Paul Bandy


District Manager – Melissa May
Business Manager- Kristi Gunter
Lead Field Technician – Kathy McKim
Field Technician – Dick Otero
Field Technician – Pat Otero
VISTA Volunteer - Jessica Graham

Recently Retired Staff:

Emma Lee Deyo


Invasive Weeds Coordinator – Gary Hathorn
San Juan Watershed Group Coordinator - Jaclynn Fallon
Road Coordinator - Edicia Rodriguez
Farm Farmington! Project Coordinator - Molly Jackson-Neilson

Clockwise from top left: Greg Schmitt, Gary Hathorn, Vern Andrews, Ralph Fenton, John Arrington, Norman Rudd, Leo Pacheco, Frank Blackmer, DeAnne McKee, Melissa May, Emma Lee Deyo, and Carol Cloer.